Thursday, September 5, 2013

Favorite Fonts #1

I've always been into graphic and web design but when it comes to designing for myself, I draw blanks. However, I did want to include some topics into my blog. I plan on doing tutorials, favorites, and more! My first post will be some of my favorite fonts. There are all free fonts available for download on Dafont. I have included the links below.

What are some of your favorite fonts?
What would you like to see me blog about in regards to tutorials, favorites, etc?



  1. I really love Feel Script, but it's one of those fonts that is SO curly and scripty that you can only really use it for one letter by itself.

  2. Lovely, great selection! My favorite of the ones you posted is Jenna Sue. Some other fonts I truly love are Pecita and Always forever!

  3. Futura is my go-to font. It's clean and so angular. Lately I've been using Segoe UI Light as well. For serif fonts, I'll go for Caslon or Georgia. From your selection, Bebas calls out to me the loudest. :D