Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In #2

I kind of had a binge weekend and didn't really follow my diet but to my surprise, I've lost 3lbs since my last post. I'm down a total of 7lbs so far!

I started walking more during my lunch break. My boss and I both walk so it motivates us to get out and do it. We've been having pretty nice weather here as well (minus the rain storm on Saturday). She is also trying to lose weight and I think we are doing well so far!

But I have 2 scales... one at work (where my co-workers and I are weighing in) and one at home. I can weigh myself the same day within an hour difference and there's a 5lb difference so I am not sure which to believe. Obviously I'd like to go with the one that says less, but the one that says more (the one at work) is the one I did my initial weigh in... so I've been using that. However, I did weigh myself a couple of weeks ago with the one at home and since that time to today using that scale, I've lost around 13lbs!

So I know I need to continue to work on myself and hope to really succeed on this weight loss journey!


  1. Good Job :D I've decided to join you in these weigh ins :)

  2. Hi Christina, I totally understand if you don't want to participate but... I nominated you for the Shine On Award !