Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long Weekend

I had a long weekend this past weekend in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. day so my mom and I had some fun! On Saturday, we did some shopping. I'm going to be in a wedding in April so we went shoe shopping for my shoes to wear with my dress. My dress is black with a charcoal grey belt so I wanted to get some black shoes. We went to Macy's and I couldn't find anything so I figured I'd check Payless. I only plan on wearing the shoes for the wedding since I don't wear heals too often so I figured this would be my best bet. I had a great shopping trip at Payless! I found the perfect shoes to match my dress and they were only $19.99! Can't beat that. Here are the shoes~

On Sunday, we got our nails done. Normally I get glitter tips (as you can see in the picture above) but I wanted something different. I decided to get the gel polish on my nails and I actually love it! I think I will get it again next time.
I didn't really have too much to blog about but I wanted to get a post in and check in with you all. I got new shoes for the gym but I'm waiting for them to arrive... when they do I think I'll post about them!

I also want a new blog design. I know I just opened up but I'm not really liking this layout so I want something I'll really like and hopefully keep for a little longer.

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