Monday, March 11, 2013


The daycare I work at is located inside of a state building and I've gotten to know some of the employees inside the building. One of them comes down quite a bit because she is part of the board of our daycare. So anyway, she came down to show my boss and I how to crochet a granny square (she got the pattern from I already knew how to crochet but I've only done a single and double stitch pattern in a rectangle (scarf). I was excited to learn this pattern. I've now been working on making a blanket. I have only done around 12 squares but I am excited to see the final product.

Do you crochet or knit? What do you like to make? Any favorite websites for patterns?

Here is a picture of one of the squares. I'll be using this color, the purple color shown, and light blue color. I've also done one more round around each square with white and I'll stitch it together using white. I'm excited to make more progress!


  1. The granny square looks good! I love crocheting! I think it's relaxing and a lot of fun. Love the colors you chose as well!


  2. I love to crochet :) Seems like a lot of people are picking it up these days! Love the color choices!