Saturday, August 31, 2013

Meet Up

Nic of Chevrons & Anchors and I have known each other online for a while now. We met up in person in 2008 and have been great friends ever since. Recently, we were able to meet up with Brandi from Cupcakes & Curves and Cinda. We had a great time!

Cinda came to my house and then we drove to pick up Nic and Birdie. Then we were off on the roadtrip to meet Brandi! Took about 2 and half hours or so. We ended up going to a mall near by and grabbing some lunch. Afterwards, we went to a park for Birdie to play and also took some awesome pictures.

We grabbed some slurpies, said goodbye to Brandi, and then we were headed back home. I am so glad we got to do this. It's also awesome that Cinda lives so close by so we can meet up some more. 

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